Cornejo, Banh & Associates, Inc.

   About Cornejo, Banh & Associates, Inc.
   Our mission is to accommodate our clients by being a total solution for their accounting needs. Cornejo, Banh &
   Associates, Inc. prides itself in being able to assist small and large clients alike. Whether a client is just starting up
   a business and wants payroll and bookkeeping services or a client that has been in operation for many years and
   just wants inventory recounted, Cornejo, Banh & Associates, Inc. can accommodate both.

   The value we bring to our clients is quality and professionalism. At Cornejo, Banh & Associates, Inc., we like to make
   sure all measures are taken in providing our clients with organized financial statements. These financial statements
   show all the clients bank statements, assets, equity, liabilities, and expense transactions.

   One major difference that separates us from the rest is the manner in which we deliver. We do not just simply
   hand over financial statements, we organize our work in a manner that if any person or entity ever questions our
   work, it will be backed up with supporting documents. In addition, we are constantly advancing with ever changing
   technology to make sure our clients are being accommodated with services that makes everyday business
   more efficient.

Cornejo, Banh & Associates, Inc.
5550 Franklin Boulevard, Suite 102, Sacramento, California 95820
(916) 429-2806

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