Cornejo, Banh & Associates, Inc.

   Cornejo, Banh & Associates, Inc. offers Payroll/Payment Solutions that free you up, so that you can focus on
   your bottom line, and most importantly your loyal customers. We help all of our customers through all the
   complexities of Payroll Processing and manage the all related expenses.

   - Preparation of payroll for business
   - Yearly and quarterly payroll tax reporting (940, 941, DE-9, DE-9C)
   - Calculation of payroll tax liabilities
   - Compilation of W-2 for employees and employers W-3

   Financial Reporting:
   - Compilation of Income Statement
   - Compilation of Balance Sheet
   - Income and expenses
   - Budget vs. Actual
   - Reconciliation of bank and credit card statements

   Tax Reporting:
   - Sales Tax preparation
   - Income Tax preparation
   *Enterprise Zone Tax Incentives (if qualified)

   Examples: Business on Franklin Blvd.,
   Stockton Blvd., West Sacramento

   Traditional Services:
   - Mobile Notary
   - Process of accounts payable and receivable

   Feel free to contact us anytime so we can start helping you take control of your Payroll. Keep your Payroll costs
   down, Payroll complications minimal, and grow your business today. You can contact our office here.

Cornejo, Banh & Associates, Inc.
5550 Franklin Boulevard, Suite 102, Sacramento, California 95820
(916) 429-2806

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