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   Enterprise Zone Tax Credit:
   The California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency designates economically depressed areas in California.
   They establish Enterprise Zones to encourage and stimulate growth, development, and investment in the area.
   Taxpayers who invest, operate, or locate a trade or business within an Enterprise Zone may be eligible for
   special tax incentives.

   The California Enterprise Zone program provides businesses located in designated areas called "Enterprise Zones" with
   tax credits of up to $37,440 per "qualified employee" over a five year employment period. A qualified employee is one
   that meets only one of thirteen designated criteria including certain local residents, veterans, government benefit
   recipients, etc. Sales/Use Tax Credits are also available on qualified purchases including but not limited to the following:

   • Computer's data processing and communication equipment
   • Machinery or machinery parts used to manufacture, process, fabricate, or assemble a product
   • Water or air pollution control equipment
   • Security systems

   The only requirement is that sales tax must be paid and that the asset is used
   completely within the boundaries of one or more Enterprise Zones.
   The tax credit is equal to the amount of sales tax paid on the
   purchase, making it essentially a tax free purchase.

   We can help you identify if you're in the zone area
   and get your started. Contact us anytime and
   we'll be happy to assist you.


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