Cornejo, Banh & Associates, Inc.

   Payroll for Large Businesses 50+
   Obtain full control over your company's payroll operations, and leave the logistics to BK+. Our payroll solutions for large
   businesses consists of payroll management tools, accurate payroll processesing, tax preparation, direct deposit and
   other vital services and solutions. We have local client services that can help you through any hiccup that may arise.

   Manage Your Payroll Online
   Our site offers a payroll service online that you can access 24/7/365 that gives you the options you need to run your business    with confidence and save your bottom line. Access our payroll system on your company's PC or network, or through
   the Internet. Login - If you're already a customer.


Cornejo, Banh & Associates, Inc.
5550 Franklin Boulevard, Suite 102, Sacramento, California 95820
(916) 429-2806

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