Cornejo, Banh & Associates, Inc.

   Payroll for 1-49 Employees
   We offer payroll services for small businesses with a comprehensive package. You can easily manage your employee
   information and simplify your entire payroll process from processing to payday.

   Our Packages
   When you sign up for BK+ payroll, we'll send you
   a complete payroll package based on your
   business needs. You'll find processed payroll
   checks with essential management reports
   and supplies including:

   • Employee earnings statements
   • Month-to-date department summaries
   • A notice of cash needed to cover
     payroll expenses and tax liabilities
   • Timely and accurate notifications
     of tax liabilities and deposits


Cornejo, Banh & Associates, Inc.
5550 Franklin Boulevard, Suite 102, Sacramento, California 95820
(916) 429-2806

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